Coffee Times Is Gone, but Winston Still Owes An Apology

Araci Almeida
3 min readAug 4, 2022
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Like many of you, I was surprised by the disappearance of the Coffee Times publication. I only noticed the publication was gone when I tried to submit a story and could no longer find it on my side.

I thought the whole thing was odd, but while trying to figure out what was going on, I looked at my email inbox when I saw a message from Coffees Times on Substack.

I read the story and then realized that Winston, the owner of Coffee Times, who I always read and looked up to, had ended it, claiming that he was tired and had no time for his family and friends. That was it. I thought that was the main reason why, after such a long work, the publication with such a huge success was gone…

After reading Winston's statement, there was only a brief mention of a minor incident of which I was unsure what it was.

Wanting to know more, I came across the news about the infamous article against the LGBT community. Like most of you, I was surprised that a publication of that size would make such a basic mistake and publish an article whose title said a lot about its potential content.

However, Winston's statement did not go straight to the point. It just surrounded it and introduced a personal issue. Apologizing to the writers but forgetting to apologize primarily to those who were attacked the most, the LGBT community.

You would expect someone so wise in words to say something relevant. And that he would say even the smallest words to apologize for a mistake that, although it could not have been his, was still his responsibility.

I commented that I respected him for taking time for himself and focusing on his mental health. But, I cannot help but express my disappointment with his lack of apology to those who deserved to hear it.

Let it serve as a lesson to us all.

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