Forgotten Portuguese; Vandalized Houses and Wicked Witches From the East.

Or, “from Spain neither good winds nor good marriages” as the saying states.

Araci Almeida
7 min readFeb 6, 2022


Half me, half other

Does anyone here believe in envy, evil eyes, or magic remedies to screw up someone’s life? Well, I’ve been further away from believing that. Why do I say these things?

Let me tell you a story then. In Portugal, we say that “God writes righteously in crooked lines, “ but I don’t know where the righteously part is in this story.

Let me tell you. In these zigzags of life, and after such a long month of January that seemed never-ending, I and my partner/boyfriend/husband — whatever label you want to give him — finally got some time for ourselves.

We have been just one, and then just the other, and not both at the same time for many weeks now. Finally, the universe aligned itself this weekend. Sunshine, an endless drought, and a February that feels like April. But as bad as that is for the environment and the lack of water that is killing us, and since time in this life is finite, and the lack of rain will continue regardless of our existence, we realized that staying home would keep on killing us anyway.

Finally, we made the so waited drive to Spain. 205 km away, about two and a half hours from home to Salamanca — a beautiful town in the Spanish countryside — but it’s been long to get there.

In February 2020, we went to the Spanish border just because we felt like doing it, and we liked our neighboring country so much that we decided we would make that trip more often.

With all that has happened in the world, it was two years before we could repeat the experience.

We all get older, and clearly, we are no exception. He got fatter while I got thinner, reminding me of that old song from my youth when I first heard of Spike Lee — my master’s thesis is about him.



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