War / Climate Change/ Depression

How Are You Dealing With the World Now?

When sometimes too much is really too much.

Araci Almeida
4 min readMar 4, 2022
Photo by Damir Samatkulov on Unsplash

How can you wake up in the morning with everything that is happening in the world?

How can you come here, read or write about anything?

I don’t know how people can normally be working, going to concerts, going about their lives when the chance of a nuclear disaster and the beginning of the third world war is so imminent.

I don’t know how they can continue taking baths, using water without precautions, and taking no action when Portugal is about to run dry of the tap. Yet nobody really seems to care, as if life, the planet, the water, the air we breathe is more than taken for granted.

Photo by me, after having a shower. Yes, why not to do simply things like this to save water? I have been doing that and using that water to “flush” the toilet, because WHY NOT?

Call me dramatic, call me exaggerated, I don’t care. I’ve always felt everything maybe too much. I have always seen the world through my overly realistic lens. My dear friend Susana, taken by cancer and no longer here to have these philosophical conversations with me, always told me, “ those who have too much consciousness are the ones who suffer the most,” and her words have been engraved forever in my mind.

Ever since I was very young, in the already distant 1990s, I was already begging my parents to recycle. I would ask them to please separate the garbage, I would go from house to house asking for help for African children, and I, influenced by growing up in the Catholic religion, even wanted to become a missionary to help those who suffered the most. Little did I know that I would become an atheist, but anyway, that’s not the point. The point is too much conscience.

The point is the pain all around us. Particularly here, in this place forgotten by all, this week, in my small village, the death of a 20-year-old girl led hundreds, including me, to one of the saddest funerals ever.

One wonders why without knowing the answers.

One questions the existence of a God who, if he existed, would not take innocent people, would not allow a war to exist, and if…



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